When considering safari vacations, you have many considerations. There are so many types of Safari, from the traditional to something as unusual as a bat migration safari.
You may want to travel from place to place, camping at night, or stay in a lodge and venture out each day. You can enjoy your safari island hopping on and how.
As for how to get around? There are jeeps, planes, canoes, trains, boats, motorcycles, and walking safaris.
What would you like to see? Whether it is searching for the Big Five, going deep into the jungle on a primate safari, photographing the birds on the Liuwa Plains, watching the migration of wildebeests, gazelles, and zebras across east Africa, or snorkeling in the Quirimbas Archipelago, there are more choices than most can believe.
There are honeymoon safaris and those that work for families. You can choose an active adventure safari, a very relaxing tour, or a combination of both.
Contact AMT American Express Travel today, and we can guide you through all the options. All you need to do is be prepared for the trip of a lifetime, to Africa.

Insider info on Africa

  • Currency: varies
  • Official Languages: Many diverse languages are spoken throughout Africa, including English.
  • Weather: Summers can range from extremely hot and humid, or hot and dry in the north, to dry and mild in South Africa. Winters in the south can be cold, while coastal regions stay mild.

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