A Morocco vacation: from Travel Insider Maureen Johnson:“Considering a Morocco vacation? Morocco has historically conjured up images of ancient walled cities, desert-crossing camel caravans, Arab sultans, Berber tribesmen, and mud-walled kasbahs shaded by tall date palms.
The good news is that the Morocco of today can still deliver this, plus much more.
Independent since only 1956, this is a youthful country in more ways than one. The largely under-40 population is being led into a complicated 21st century by a young king, Mohammed VI, intent on retaining Morocco’s diversity and traditional customs while encouraging tourism as a major form of economic development.
Morocco is filled with unforgettable travel experiences, and somewhere along the journey it will surely test your sense of patience and good nature.”
Whether it’s modern-day Casablanca, the souks and ruins of Marrakech or the charm of Tangier, your Travel Insider is here to help.
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Insider info: Morocco

  • Geography: Mountains, desert, Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines
  • Official Languages: Arabic
  • Currency: Moroccan dirham

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