When you are planning your Africa vacation, realize that Africa is not a destination – it is a point of origin. Today’s visitors will often speak of how Africa is in some mysterious way a life-changing experience. At the very least, it is the experience of a LIFETIME.
The continent holds a very special place in the psyche of the human race, and many of the earliest explorers of Africa found that once they visited, there was no return. The African land mass held them there, captivated by the beauty of its land, the wild jungles and savannahs, and the amazing mix of cultures that have flourished.
Underlying the face of modern Africa, beneath the veneer of a colonial artifact, is a brief glimpse at the most archetypal of human endeavors and imagination – the pyramids, tribes of Zulu and Masai, wildlife red in tooth and claw.

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  • Currency: Varies
  • Official Languages: Many diverse languages are spoken throughout Africa, including English.
  • Weather: Summers can range from extremely hot and humid, or hot and dry in the north, to dry and mild in South Africa. Winters in the south can be cold, while coastal regions stay mild.

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